Your ticket purchase changes lives.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over this past year, it’s that WE are stronger TOGETHER. Because of your incredible support, the Kinsmen Club of Saskatoon has been able to give back to the communities we serve in a BIG way, providing much needed funding to many charities and organizations throughout Saskatchewan.

To date, the Kinsmen Home Lottery has raised over $15 million in proceeds, helping support the dreams and aspirations of bright young scholars, athletes, musicians and artists; ensuring safety at schools; caring for the elderly and those with special needs; and providing food and clothing to those who can’t provide for themselves. Over $500,000 has been donated to non-profit organizations with fundraisers that were severely impacted by Covid restrictions.

Let’s keep this momentum going. By purchasing your Kinsmen Home Lottery ticket, you’re helping us continue to serve our community’s greatest need. Thank you.

Every ticket purchased makes a difference to so many.